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Philip, Ann Marie and Mary Alice, We all offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to all of you and your family. Your Mother was a very special person and we are all very blessed to have known her. The Legere Family Gerry & Diane, Charlie & Nancy, Normand & Bonnie

Charlie Legere
Jun 11, 2009
Tewksbury, MA US/Canada

Maryalice & Family,

My prayers are with you and your family. Let God's peace help you through this time of bereavement.

With love Charline McKinnon & Family

Charline McKinnon
Jun 11, 2009
boston, MA

Ann Marie, Phillip and Mary Alice - I am so sorry for your loss. Mary was always such a big part of the fun and frivolity at many different events. She will be missed by many. You are in my thoughts ad prayers.

Love, Ann

Ann Ormond
Jun 11, 2009
Newburyport, MA

Mary Alice my heart and deepest sympathies goes out to you and your family. I did not know your mom but from the loving expressions on your face and the light in your eye every time you mentioned her I feel as if she was as much part of my life and as dear to me as she was to you and your family. My heart is always there for you.

Love Nicole and Family

Nicole Byles
Jun 11, 2009
Hyde Park , MA

Hi Mary A.
My Heart goes out to you and your family...

Tina Harvey &Family

Tina Harvey
Jun 11, 2009
Dorchester, MA

Take care MaryAlice, so sorry for your loss.
Your Co-worker Claudia

Claudia Frye
Jun 11, 2009
N Attleboro, MA

I was married to my Husband in 1978 and was Mary Trainors nextdoor Neighbor and a wonderful Friend of hers for 31 years.
I remember all the happy years watching my children along with her Grandchildren grow up together and Graduate from High School and move on to the college years.
I also remember all the times I would have coffee or tea with her and lunch and sit at her kitchen table for hours at a time chatting
about our kids for hours and always cutting up vegtables and getting supper ready for her Family. She would many times sneak chinese food with me as if her kids never knew. We also enjoyed sitting on Marys front porch days and nights at a time in the spring and summer months and watch my children and her Grandchildren play with the their friends as the years went by until night time and until they Graduated from High School. Mary also enjoyed coming to our house and watching the golf Channel with my Husband, and I would be so bored so I would do some scrapbooking while they enjoyed watching Golf! I was out numbered between them and and they would gang up on me. I would just read or watch some of the Golf, but never seem to like it to much, But Mary really enjoyed it, so That did make me Happy!
Mary was truly a wonderful and Dear friend of Our Family, and was a second Mother to me.
We will miss her with all our Heart and she will be in our Hearts now and Forever.
Mary was a sweet and Dear Mother to her children and would always tell me how fortunate she was to have her wonderful children, and that she would'nt know what she would do without them. She always told me how very lucky she was to have a wonderful family and how much she loved her Grandchildren and I will never forget the paperback book she through at her GrandDaughter one rainy day when she could have gotten a ride home from my Husband. She always told me that I would never let her forget that as long as she lived.
Mary had a Heart of gold and reminded me of my mother and mother-in-law who have both since passed.
May God bless her Family at this Difficult time and may God give them all the strength they need at this very hard time. Rememember Phil Annmarie and Mary Alice we are just a few steps away from you. If you ever need to talk to someone or just grieve or have a cup of coffee with, we are here for you and always will be. You were all so very close and Dear to your Mother, and she always enjoyed and loved being a Mother to all of you!
You are all in our Thoughts and prayers and will always be in our Hearts now and Forever.
We love all of you and pray that God will help you at this Hard time.
Please know that you have Family and Friends who care very much, and that you are not alone. May God Bless all of you!
With our Sincere smpathy now and always!
Roger Mary Ann & Melissa Marrazzo

Mary Ann & Roger Marrazzo
Jun 10, 2009
west newton, MA

What wonderful childhood memories I have of "Mrs. Trainor". It was like yesterday my mom would be over her house sitting at the kitchen table talking for hours. I remember us kids sharing our adolescent accomplishments with her and the joy on her face like we were one of her own kids. To this day I think about Mr. and Mrs. Trainor as well as Mr. & Mrs. Thompson. They were such an important part of our lives on William Street and helped mold us into the adults we became. Thanks for sharing your mom and dad with us! I'm thinking of you all now.

Kathy (Peterson) O'Brien
Jun 10, 2009
Fort Myers, FL

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